Jennifer Remazki shares her 5 years in Network Marketing and why she made the move to join Wor(l)d. Great testimonial of a veteran in network marketing and why she made the switch. Her 24-minute talk will provide a solid understanding of Wor(l)d and the product HELO. If you can make through the full video, you'll have the information you need to decide on becoming a distributor.


Seville Ko  shares an overview of the company and why he switched to Wor(l)d. Great down-to-earth explanation sharing his humble beginnings and how Wor(l)d Global Network changed his life. 

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Why did I personally join Wor(l)d!

I purchased the Helo Family Pack as a consumer because of its features and what it would provide me and my family. My mom is 83 and she lives in Florida and I felt Helo would provide me greater peace of mine knowing I could keep better track of her health and well-being.  My wife and I were...  READ MORE