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Why join our team vs. another team? The importance of our esteem upline. We want entrepreneurs that aspire to be the best.


Romacio is one of the top income earners within the entire network marketing industry. Tanya is the first solo female President within the company. Sam and Leah are one of only 60 Diamonds within the United States and Canada. Julie and Brad have quickly promoted their business in under 3 weeks. Overall, our team is focused on building business builders (and not just selling to customers).


Seville and Tanya's success can directly be attributed to their coaching. They are investing in leaders who want to run with the business. Case in point: Seville and Rachaell recently held a 2 hour mentoring call with Julie and Brad. In working with Tanya, I believe her to be an articulate communicator and passionate teacher. Their willingness to coach their down line is what separates them from other teams. Simply put, many people don't have access to their upline like we do.


Having leadership and good coaches is obviously important, but their accessibility is what absolutely sets them apart compared to other teams. For example, I have Tanya's cell phone number and direct access to Seville. In speaking with Tanya, she has said she is 100% willing to jump on a 3 way conference call with a qualified prospect. (She has already told me she is willing to speak with you, so LMK if you want to make that happen). And both Tanya and Seville have direct access to Romacio who in turn has the ear of Corporate. Tanya shared with me that many teams within Wor(l)d have uplines that are not actively involved and coaching their teams. Having access to them will help make growing our respective businesses that much easier.

So if/when your colleagues join the company, they are partnering with dedicated business builders that will take an active role in supporting their business. There's a communication line running through our team that reaches the very top of the company. If they would like to speak with either Tanya or Seville (or both), just let me know and I will arrange a call.

If you ready to join a great team, then use the link. JOIN NOW!


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