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People may say they don't like network marketing, but we make referrals all the time. For example, we say things such as: "I love my watch" "this is a great restaurant"

The only difference is that you are not getting paid on these referrals! We get paid to share information with people. So find a product you like, love, and enjoy.

Watch this video and separate facts from fiction about network marking. Here are the key points throughout the video for your future reference and brush up:

Facts about the Network Marketing profession:

  • The industry has been around for 75+ years

  • 115 million people are involved in the profession (in last 12 months)

  • 77% of all people are females

  • Average person works their home based busines 10-15 hours per week

  • In last 12 months, the industry generated $183 Billion in revenue

  • Over 48% of the $183 Billion was paid out as commissions

  • Approx $200 million paid out in DAILY commissions

  • 84% of the $183B of revenue is generated in Asia.

  • Vast majority of people who are making money earn $5K per month

  • 90% of the people don't make money because they simply want to purchase the product at a wholesale/discounted price, thus they are not building a business. Regulatory (government) agencies require these people to still be classified as a business distributor (despite them only wanting to purchase the retail product at a discounted product

Network marketing is the most efficient form of product distribution. Traditional companies spend millions of dollars on TV, radio and internet advertising. Network marketing eliminates the middleman. Instead of paying the marketing companies, commissions are paid to distributors.

Network marketing is not easy. People are the best part of the profession. People are the worst part of the profession. Nobody cares about how much you KNOW, its about how much CARE. You make money by helping others, and your upline will help you along the way.

This profession loves speed. It can be challenging if you build slow. Try to put in a solid 10-15 hours per week sharing videos with people and teaching others to do the same.

This profession is responsible for making the most number of millionaires in the world.

The 3 most important numbers in network marketing $500 per month $2,000 per month $10,000 per month

Its hard to condemn something, before you know what you are condemning.


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