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  1. Purchase your health and wellness device

"I purchased my Helo and wear it everyday to help me live a healthier lifestyle. Just wearing it is a great reminder but consistently monitoring my blood pressure and tracking my progress lets me know if I'm headed in the right direction."

Why did I personally join Wor(l)d!

I purchased the Helo Family Pack as a consumer because of its features and what it would provide me and my family. My mom is 83 and she lives in Florida and I felt Helo would provide me greater peace of mind knowing I could keep better track of her health and well-being.  My wife and I were...  READ MORE

Become a Distributor

  1. Purchase a Product and signup for Loyalty Membership

  2. Share the 7 minute video

  3. Followup and share a great product


       Followup and share an amazing compensation plan

  • If they decide to join our team, help them sign two others to become distributors

  • It only takes 5 levels deep to start earning serious income

  • DO NOT SELL!  Just share either the Product or Compensation Plan

  • Simply ask 5 Questions: 

1. Are you familiar with either Fitbit or Apple Watch?  YES or NO

2. Knowing what you know today about the Fitbit/Apple Watch, if you could go back in time and be one of the first to get involved, and you could get paid on every device sold anywhere in the world, would you have done it?  YES or NO

3. If we gave you a chance TODAY to be one of the first to be involved would you want in on this?  YES or NO

4. This is a six year old Public Traded Company releasing a revolutionary health and wellness brand allowing it's customers to profit from the 150 billion dollar wearable tech industry which will triple in the next five years.  Since positioning is everything, and we are still early, would you want to be part of the next position today? YES or NO

5. Click the Join Button to secure your top position on our team.  Are you ready to get started today? YES or NO

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